I changed some setting around the forums

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I changed some setting around the forums Empty I changed some setting around the forums

Post by Nourez on Mon Oct 06, 2008 11:54 pm

-you can now post polls with up to 50 options (Hopefully snitz'll shut up about that now)
-Enabled HTML
-Enabled quick replies (why the hell is it off be default. I'm so used to the feature from the RB.com forums that it was driving me nuts before)

And a few other little things under the hood. I'm starting to like the overall usability of the forums now, but I think I could still tweak it around a little. Also, me and Raptor are starting to work on a theme. We've just brainstormed a little, but hopefully we'll have something real soon. If you wanna help out, head over to the Help Desk forum, or add me on AIM or MSN.



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